~Nigerian Dwarf Bucks~


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Lil' Joe~


Registered ADGA

DOB- 3/23/14

S: End-O-Way Dash Riprock

D: Peaceful Thoughts Jewel

Pedigree HERE

~Black w/white poll, Blue Eyes

Little Joe! We are very happy to have this young buck join our herd. His structure is sound and temperament wonderful! Gorgeous topline, solid strong legs, long dairy body.   Impeccable genetics and strong dairy lines. Produced beautiful offspring for us in 2016. All of his doelings have done well in the show ring, several earning their dry leg . Lil' Joe brings rear width consistently in his offspring. The udders seen on his daughters have been beautiful! 

Lines include:End-O-Way, Little Tots Estate, Caesars Villa, and Tranquility Acres 


ONE FINE ACRE FR ISAAC - D001832433 (PB Buck)

Registered ADGA

DOB- 3/19/2016

S: Buttin'heads Fortunato

D: GCH Little Tots Estate Rosmarinus 2*M

Pedigree HERE

~Broken Buckskin

pictured at 1 year

We are very excited to use Isaac in our breeding program! Gentle temperament, very long in body length with excellent width between hocks. Fantastic genetics behind this buck! We are very pleased with his 2017 kids-  Receiving GCH, and RGCH with one having earned her dry leg. All Isaac's kids are still young- waiting to see those udders.

Lines include: Little Tots Estate, Buttin'Heads, Rosashsrn, Woodhaven Farms


WINGS & CAPRINES IL SETH - D001857974 (PB Buck)

DOB- 2/21/2017
S: One Fine FR Isaac 
D:  Peaceful Thoughts Lucy

Pictured at 14 weeks

Very excited about this young buckling. Beautiful Pedigree and a lovely boy. Looking forward to seeing his offspring in 2018.


Reference Bucks


Will is retired and enjoying the easy life! he will live his life out here on the farm.


Peachtree Farms Will 

registered AGS

DOB- 2/12/2012

S: Peach Tree Farms Roddie Sthil

D: D: Peach Tree Farms Miley

Pedigree HERE

~Broken buckskin, 

Blue Eyed (homozygous) 

Will has stunning color and a strong confident presence. He has excellent parasite resistance,  excellent body capacity.

Will has proven himself and has shown to improve the udder in his offspring, regardless of doe. He is a solid, dependable buck. A truly loving well mannered boy that loves his family, his guardians, and his Kiko buddies. 

His super gentle disposition passes to ALL his offspring.

Homozygous gene for blue eyes

 Lines include: 5 Cedars, Pecan Hollow, Rosasharn, Daft Acres, Better Blues