Shelter For Your Goats

Goat shelters may be as simple or elaborate as you would like to make them. The mild climate of North Carolina allows for simple shelters.  A shelter needs to provide protection from wind, rain, and snow as well as provide shade. For those that do not have Livestock Guardian Dogs, a more solidly constructed shelter with doors to close goats in at night may be more appropriate. 



These are examples of "quick" shelters. They can be easily moved. This shelter was used for 3 does that were acquired, and were in their 60 day quarantine period.

This shelter is ideal for goats that are moved often for pasture/forage rotation.


More temporary, portable shelters. These shelters are moved throughout the deep woods in spring, summer, and fall. Our goats and LGD's rarely seek shelter, usually only in a severe downpour. In winter they are set up in a permantly fenced field, close to home for the ease of hauling hay.


A small shelter we built out of all reclaimed wood. It was built for our small breeding and holding yard. Whether it's goats, sheep, or LGD's  we put in the yard they seem to love this shelter!  Our sheep who rarely seek shelter seem to enjoy running in and out playing. The goats of course love the shelf. Simple and quick to build, it has good ventilation and provides the necessary shelter from the weather.


Newly constructed Loafing shed

 with a drain being put in.

The side of the loafing shelter.

 A second drain being put in.


Loafing shed "closed" up for the winter. 

Reclaimed wood provided the siding.

New kids in the hay feeder and the chickens

 all milling around inside the shed.

 The eaves are open for ventilation.

 Feed rail up high away from the goats.

Our sheds and stalls are open for good ventilation and temperature stability. Goats generally prefer a three sided shelter with good visibility and air flow. Our LGD's make it possible for our goats to have open structures, and roam about day or night. Our newborn kids are well protected from the numerous coyotes in our area. When considering shelter always keep in mind your predator threat level.  Adding solid floor to top of doorway gates, instead of solid doors, will help with air flow as well as protect your goats.