Wings & Caprines RAZOR

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*B Wings & Caprines  Razor (Purebred Lamancha)
 *B GCH MLRT Caesar (Purebred Lamancha)
  SG Rhipples Rhapsody Spring Reign 9*M (Purebred Lamancha)

Razor was one of triplets from our highest producing doe.  Two bucks and a doe. His sister Rachel has been retained.  He inherited his *B through his parents. We chose Razor because his dam is am Advanced Registry doe, she has also earned her Superior Genetics (SG) designation with a beautiful mammary system. Her fore udder and rear udder height as well as escutcheon is what we want to bring into the mini lamanchas.  Razor was bred to our minis for 2020 kids. We look forward to seeing his offspring. Pics will be updated in the spring 2021. 

Razor's Dam  Ripples  Rhapsody Spring Reign 9*M

Raina earned her advanced registry status as a FF she is now a 9*M  Earned Restricted Leg and awarded SG status (Superior Genetics) 
while she was part of our herd.  Raina has been sold, two daughters/1 buck retained.


2017  Dry yearling

1,2,3,4 places; RCH ; RCH

NC Sate Fair 2017- 

Youth (under Judge Jenn Tereba) 1st

Open (under Judge Julie Matthys) 3rd

2018 2YO FF

NCDGBA  Judges- Cameron Jodlowski, Paula Reisdorff,& Don Bergfield

Ring 1 - 4th place; Ring 2 - 3rd place;  Ring3 - 2nd place

Best Lamancha udder

2018 Continued

NRV-Judges-  Todd Biddle &  Jean Lucas

Ring 1 -2nd Place ; Ring 2- 1st Place

Dixie Classic-

Open- 1st ; Part of 1st Place Lamancha Dairy Herd

Youth- 1st & Best Udder of Breed

NC State Fair-

1st & GCH  (Y) ; 3rd (Open) & 2nd Place Dairy Herd

Not Shown 2019 due to late kidding- Sold August 2019

 Razor's Sire *B CH MLRT Caesar

Caesar has an impressive record for being such a young buck! 

He is a finished champion,  with an inherited *, also part of the young sire's program. 

 We retained all his daughters from 2019 kidding and of course Razor (buckling above).

His young daughters from our herd can be seen on our Lamancha page.

Adalynn, Amirah, & Rachel.

More about Caesar Here from MLRT farmpage

Caesar's Dam, Tempo Kim 10*M  also has an impressive background! She was a 2010 spotlight sale doe- for her complete background of genetics please see her link- HERE

Kim's page from My Little Red Tractor Farm HERE

(pictured right)

10*M Tempo Kim (L) &  11*M SG MLRT Victoria (A Caesar daughter) (R)


Razor was just a kid when he bred 2 of our mini does in late 2019 early 2020. 

These are his first kids on the ground (2020)

Razor bred to F-2 mini Strawberry (all elf eared) for f-1 75/25% 2020 kids - all does

Razor bred to F-1 mini Bingo (2 gopher and 1 elf eared) for f-1 75/25% 2020 kids - all bucks