Some of our past pups below

Little pups...

Pups at the awkward teenage stage 6-7 months... 90-105lbs... growing fast!

No Current pups. We are NOT a mill and do not keep bitches bred continually.

Our pups are retained until 12 weeks of age to acclimate them to livestock and for proper trait assessment. 


(12-16 weeks training can be arranged)

Started and trained dogs occasionally available.

** Occasionally a pup may be placed as early as 10 weeks to experienced LGD owners


Placing Our Pups...

We take placing our pups very serious and are very careful to educate those that are new to LGD’s and those that have existing LGD’s. Sadly, many people pick a pup by color, markings and the “oh, that one is so cute” method. We do not recommend this method and we will not ever place a pup until certain criteria have been met by the prospective owner. It is very important to us that our pups go to their FOREVER home. Working with our pups and working and educating prospective owners is our priority. We believe in encouraging an environment that will allow a new LGD pup to succeed and thrive. Sadly we see many LGD’s re-homed. Many of these dogs were set up for failure from the start. Lack of educating and bad information has done great harm to the wonderful LGD breeds. Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds are not like other dogs and understanding the nature of a LGD breed is important.


What We Do...

We keep our pups until 12 weeks of age; this is 4-6 weeks longer than the majority of breeders. Our program of integrating pups with the livestock and with mature LGD’s allows the dogs to understand acceptable and unacceptable behavior. During this period we evaluate each pup for its particular strengths. This allows for better pairing with a prospective owners needs. Our pups will have been introduced to goats, sheep, and poultry, as well as socialization with people and non- livestock animals (cats, housedogs etc). Our program is rather intensive and requires a great deal of time and interaction with the pups. The pups, once evaluated, can be successfully matched to it’s new home. We do not “pick” the pup for the new owner but help narrow the choices according to those individual traits of the pup and the exact needs of the prospective owner.

All our pups will have been fully vaccinated, other than rabies (16 weeks and over- rabies for those remaining with us for started and trained dogs), and de-wormed at the time of transition to their new homes. New owners will receive extensive instruction on “how to” integrate the pup to their livestock.

Birth - 16 weeks is a critical time in the LGD's life. This is the imprinting stage. Learning from parent stock about the do's and don'ts is very important. As diligent as any human can be with a pup, we are still not the best surrogates for teaching these pups those basics that parent stock teaches. These pups mature into their guarding role much faster when kept with parent stock for as long as possible. A started or trained dog will not have any problem adapting to new livestock.


What We Require...

We do require an interview with prospective owners. The purpose of the interview is to help us understand the needs of your particular situation. We want you to feel comfortable in asking questions and being involved in the process. The purpose of an interview is NOT to “grill” you or make you feel like you are taking a test, or getting the 3rd degree. Understanding the kind of livestock, the area to be guarded, kinds of predators in the area, large farm, small family farm, daily activities, isolated environments, busy family environments etc all help to match the LGD to the environment best suited for its individual traits. We find this is very helpful to the prospective owners. Owning an LGD is a long term commitment and each owner should be well informed and educated in making such a commitment.