We no longer breed Nubians, this page is for referance only.
However "Pink"  is being bred for Experimentals. Nubian/Lamancha cross.
Experimentals can be shown in Recorded Grade class with ADGA.




ADGA registered

DOB- 1/25/2010

S: J-Nels SP Hot Tamale

D: In The Reds Mon Cherie'  

Pedigree HERE

~Red/Brown with spots

1st day home!

Overnight typical 12 hour fill

Left- you can see how Ruby matured and gained weight and depth.  She just gets better with age!

We truly  cannot say enough about this lovely doe! Having not been bred since 2012 Ruby was still in milk. Her personality along with exceptional genetics was something we simply could not pass up. Ruby follows us everywhere, nuzzles for kisses and loves bear hugs. Although the Nubian is known for being loud, Ruby never makes a peep. 

At the age of 5 and kidding buck/doe twin mini's March 2015 Ruby produced 10-12 lbs daily without being "pumped full of feed" or high need for alfalfa only.  2016 producing twins doe mini's again produced 10-12 lbs daily.  A dream to milk, perfect size teats, not too small not too large, excellent orifices, and a very nice flow. Ruby has really grown from the above pics and is now a very mature deep bodied doe. 2017 produced buck/doe twins standard Nubians. Awaiting 2018 kids!

"Blue Belle"


N1889139 PBDOE


DOB- 5/28/17

S:  Woest-Hoeve Blue Print
SS:  *B SGCH Iron-Owl Bluebeard 

         LA 92EEE
SD: Woest-Hoeve Princess Sela

D: In The Reds Madamoiselle

DS: J-Nels SP Hot Tamale

DD: In The Reds Mon Cherie'  

Pedigree HERE

This little doeling has to be the most anticipated kid we have ever had on our farm! We hope for her to carry on her mother's wonderful genetics and personality! We are enjoying watching her bounce all over with her brother and "friends"!




N001930113 (PBDoe)


DOB 3/7/2018

S: Frog Flat Finally Olaf

SS: CH Frog Flat Long Lanky Nathaniel
     LA-  FS91 (EEE )
SD: Frog Flat B&T Creamy Ingles
   LA- FS90 (VEEE) 

D: In The Reds Madamoiselle

DS: J-Nels SP Hot Tamale

DD: In The Reds Mon Cherie'  

Pedigree HERE

5 months

Black Jade is the last doe we will ever have from Ruby. Ruby is now retired. Jade was one of triplets.  We were so excited about this last and final breeding for Ruby because Olaf was the sire. Line breeding off of the J-Nels Gumdrop on both sides of the pedigree.  Super excited to see Jade develop. A forever keeper this lil doeling is as sweet as she is pretty to look at. What a blessing she is to have on our farm.


N001930759 (PB Doe)

DOB 3/24/2018

S: *B CH J&M Hideaway Farm PaulRevere

 2018 LA EEE 92

SS: +*B SGCH Royal Blue Nevada Joe

SD: SG Frog Flat Rosemary 1*M

 2015 VEE+ 87

D: J&M Hideaway Happily Everafter  

DS: *B CH Lakeshore Ace Bellagio  (AI)

 2018 LA VEE 90

DD: SG Frog Flat Katherine Two 1*M

2015 LA  EEEV 90

Pedigree HERE

4.5 months

See what happens when you go to a show? Your daughter decides she really wants a J&M Nubian!  Your husband tells her to see what she can work out.... secretly thinking it won't happen. Daughter checks with mom, mom is confused, says check with dad. And here is PINKY!    :)  :) :) 

Very happy to have this lil girl join our Nubian family! Spoiled when we brought her home and spoiled here too!  This doeling is so comical she should have her very own  FB page!   I think Pinky was just meant to be here.