Miniature Lamancha Breeding Line Up for MAIN MAN

There is always so much more behind a "generation" . 

All sire and dam information can also be found on the appropriate pages of this site.


Wings & Caprines BBL Main Man (Mini 1st Gen 75/25% gopher ears)
Kopy Kat Bold Legacy
Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO

We love our sweet boy! In rut  here  yet still an angel!

On the move!

Main Man's  dam Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO (* pending)


(1st show MDGA-Floyd 2018)

1st Place 2YO Sr Doe

Best Udder In Show

2019- (Floyd )

1st place 3YO 

V-Show Fall 2019

1st & RCH ring 1

3rd ring 2 

V-Show Fall 2020

1st & RCH ring 1

1st & GCH & CH of Champion Challenge


The following does have been bred to Main Man for 2021 kids

Straw Hat Farm Rose 2nd Gen 50/50

Country Charm Percy f-1 50/50
Wings & Caprines Princess f-1 50/50

Kids will be 2nd Generation 62.5/37.5% gopher ears
This will be Rose's 2nd Freshening

** This is a repeat breeding**


2019- GCH

earned restricted leg

V-Show Fall 2019

1st place Both rings

V-Show Spr 2020

4th both rings

V-Show Fall 2020

2nd,1st & RCH

Wings & Caprines Jenny 1st gen 75/25 

Country Charm Henry f-1 50/50 
Candlelight Secret Rendezvous PB Lamancha

Kids will be 2nd gen 75/25 % 
elf or gopher eared

This will be Jenny's 1st freshening

**Littermate brother is Diesel**


Spring 2020 V Show

ring 1-2nd

ring2- 3rd 

Fall 2020 V Show

ring 1 1st GCH

ring2 3rd

(behind 2 of our other goats)


Wings & Caprines BH Strawberry 

2nd Gen 50/50

Country Charm Henry (f-1 50/50)


Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO (f-1 50/50)

kids will be 2nd Generation 62.6/37.5%

erect ears

This will be Strawberry's 3rd Freshening


(1st show MDGA Floyd 2018)

1st Place Sr Kid


1st place yearling milker

V show- 2019 Fall single entry yearling milker

Vshow -2020 Fall

4th ring 1

2nd ring 2

Honorable mention by Judge Jena Williams

Wings & Caprines Dreamy 

Grade  75/25

Candlelight Black Tie Affair *B (PB Lamancha)


VCH Wings & Caprines  MW Trouble (Grade 50/50)

kids will be Grade experimental 75/25

gopher eared

This will be Dreamy's First freshening (yearling)


Fall 2020 V Show

2nd in both rings behind our other goats