Miniature Lamanchas Breeding Line Up for Diesel


There is always so much more behind a "generation" . 

All sire and dam information can also be found on the appropriate pages of this site.


Wings & Caprines Diesel
(F1 75/25)

Country Charm Henry (F1 50/50)
Candlelight Secret Rendezvous (PB Lamancha)

Above- Baby Diesel

Right- Pictured at 4 months


Diesel's Dam

Candlelight Secret Rendezvous PB Lamancha

FF Udder

Diesel's Sire and Sire's Dam's Udder

Sire - Country Charm Henry F-1 50/50

Dam Candlelight Sun, Moon, & Stars 2F Udder

Diesel has spectacular mammary systems on both sides! 

High and wide escutcheons, excellent lateral attachments, beautiful foreudders, and overall high and tight well socked on udders! 

The following doe/s have been bred to Diesel for 2021 kids.
All offspring will be 2nd Generation Experimental.
Percentages will vary.

Does info may be found on our Miniature Lamancha Does Page HERE

Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO


Will be 5YO 5th Freshening

kids- F2 62.5/37.5 exp

Wings & Caprines MMR Julia


Will be Yearling 1st Freshening

kids- F2 68.75/31.25 exp

Wings & Caprines Shortcake


Will be 2YO 1st Freshening

kids- F2 75/25 exp

Wings & Caprines JI Sass


Will be 3YO 2nd Freshening

kids- F2 62.5/37.5 exp

Wings & Caprines KCB Simone'

"Simone' "

Will be 2YO 2nd Freshening

kids- F2 62.5/37.5

Wings & Caprines Strawberry

"Straw or Berry"

Will be 3YO 3rd Freshening

kids F2 62.5/37.5

***Re- Bred to Main Man on the 27th


Change in line up- Happy has been bred to Lil' Guy
( lil guy is on our mini -bucks page)

Wings & Caprines Happy


Will be Yearling 1st Freshening

kids- F3 62.5/37.5

gopher or elf