Mini- Manchas Reference

-A Note About Our Miniatures- 

~We believe building the strongest base foundation is key in breeding a miniature dairy goat. 

~Breeding those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. 

~A mini mancha is more than just throwing a dwarf over a standard. 

~Breeding for  quality,  production, and confirmation. 

~Our priority is NOT higher generation, ears, and/or noses.  

~A correct erect eared mini is better than a mediocre elf/gopher eared mini.

~Our PRIORITY is a solid correct udder, high escutcheon, proper leg placement, teat placement, and the  dairy characteristics. 

 ~A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. In developing  miniatures we believe in the whole package.

~There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. A kid may be registered as a first generation but look closely, there may be 3, 4, or more generations behind that 1st gen. 

~1st and 2nd  generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes  great skill to improve. The blending of two VERY different types of dairy goats can be challenging.

~A well bred mini  is easily capable of producing  6-8# per day  higher % doe's may yield more. 

~We prefer and try to breed as close to the 50/50 mark as possible, keeping the miniature truly miniature!  

~We SELECTIVELY breed for mini's from our show Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf Lines, therefore only a few are bred yearly.


"Lil Princess"
F-2  50/50


Registration pending MDGA

F-2   50/50


S: Country Charm Percy

D: Wings & Caprines Princess

~Elf ears

~Brown eyes


(1st show MDGA Floyd 2018)

3rd Place Dry yearlings

Dry yearling

Lil' Princess is a very special doe who we love dearly. We had sold her dam, "Big Princess" as a kid, who we knew had great potential, in hopes to repeat the breeding the following year to retain a doeling. Tragically we lost Star ( Princess Dam) to an awful accident and unable to ever get another doeling. After we lost our beloved doe, "Star" we were devastated. We are so very thankful for Straw Hat farm (who purchased Princess) to allow us to pick the buck for breeding and gifted Lil' Princess to us. We have great hopes for this lovely doe and are excited to see her freshen. When we brought her home, we were calling her "Lil Princess", but had plans to change the name. The name stuck as she is so much like her dam. Thankful for Lil' Princess and the amazing people in our life that knew how deep our loss had been. Lil' Princess' dam is pictured below in reference does.  We also have her sister from  a repeat breeding- Rose. Rose was born 2018 and is growing nicely and will be added to our page 2019.

Lil Princess has been placed with another farm to help start a mini mancha herd and bring in more genetics. Because we have her full sister here and are limited on space we decided to place her.

Her FF udder looks to be very promising. We noticed how many similarities she had to her grand dam.

Below are her FF pics as well as her Grand dam's FF udder.... they the grand dam's 2nd freshening udder.

We are quite hopeful (as well as her new owner) that her 2nd Freshening udder will be quite similar. The escutcheon is VERY high.  

As production increases as well as her capacity we believe the width and teat placement will change considerably! 

FF udder (single kid)

Grand dam's similar FF udder

Granddam's 2F udder