Mini- Manchas

-A Note About Our Miniatures- 

~We believe building the strongest base foundation is key in breeding a miniature dairy goat. 

~Breeding those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. 

~A mini mancha is more than just throwing a dwarf over a standard. 

~Breeding for  quality,  production, and confirmation. 

~Our priority is NOT higher generation, ear type

~A correct erect eared mini is better than a mediocre elf/gopher eared mini.

~Our PRIORITY is a solid correct udder, high escutcheon, proper leg placement, teat placement, and the  dairy characteristics. 

 ~A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. In developing  miniatures we believe in the whole package.

~There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. A kid may be registered as a first generation but look closely, there may be 3, 4, or more generations behind that 1st gen. 

~1st and 2nd  generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes  great skill to improve. The blending of two VERY different types of dairy goats can be challenging.

~A well bred mini  is easily capable of producing  6-8# per day  higher % doe's may yield more. 

~We SELECTIVELY breed for mini's from our show Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf Lines, therefore only a few are bred yearly

~Senior Does~

F-1 50/50

VCH Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO AR*D

(AR*D under TMGR)

MDGA #XL03656

TMGR #DL000301012559  

F-1  50/50 Experimental

DOB- 3/1/16

S: Peachtree Farms Will (AGS) 

D: Worley Lane Zephyr 1*M  Pedigree-

~Elf ears

~Blue eyes

Bingo is now a finished Virtual Champion


(1st show MDGA-Floyd 2018)

1st Place 2YO Sr Doe

Best Udder In Show

2019- (Floyd )

1st place 3YO 

V-Show Fall 2019

1st & RCH ring 1

3rd ring 2 

V-Show 2020 (Fall)

1st & RCH ring 1

1st & GCH & CH of Champion Challenge

V Show Spring/Summer 2021

Ring 1- GCH & BIS (Judge Lavinia Allen)

Ring 2- 3rd (Judge James Oller)

Floyd Va Live Show 2021

Ring 1 - GCH & BUIS  Judge Ed Kinser

Ring 2- 1st  Judge Jean Lucas




1st, 3rd, 4th, & 5th freshening udder

Bingo is a powerful, yet very dairy, doe. Hardy, parasite resistant, keeps her condition easily.  We are very excited about Bingo! Her dam is an excellent producer with a beautiful udder and Bingo has followed her wonderful mom. Bingo is a 5yo, 5th freshener typically producing triplets with each kidding.  This is a powerful dam line. Many of our miniature lamanchas are directly related to this incredible dam. Bingo has exceptional capacity!  Well sprung ribs, flatness of bone, ample spacing, correct angles with beautiful dairy wedge. She passes that width to her offspring!

Improving with each generation.  Below is an example of 3 gens at a recent live show- Bingo (GCH) her eared daughter Strawberry 3yo 3rd freshener (1st both rings) and granddaughter to Bingo: daughter to Strawberry, Shortcake 2yo FF.  

F-1 50/50


MDGA #XL04047


F-1 50/50 Experimental

DOB- 4/18 /2018

S:One Fine Acre FR Isaac   HERE

SS: Buttin'heads Fortunato

SD: GCH Little Tots Estate Rosmarinus 2*M

D: Wings & Caprines Jane Eyre

DS: Honey Road BJ Chances Are
DD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah HERE

~Elf Ears

~Brown Eyes


(1st show MDGA Floyd 2018)

1st Place Junior Kid

GCH  (earning Restricted Leg)

Not shown in 2019 due to her already earning her restricted leg

V-Show Fall 2019

2nd place both rings

V-Show Spring 2020

3rd place 2YO Sr does both rings (11 entries in class)

V-Show Fall 2020

5th and 3rd in highly competitive large 2yo classes

Live Show Floyd Va 2021

Ring 1- 2nd (Judge Ed Kinser)

Ring 2- RCH (Judge Jean Lucas)

2f 3YO

Sass!  Sass as a kid was sassy (hence the name) with style!  As she matured we could clearly see how she became the herd protector in her group. She is an excellent forager, very hardy, such an easy keeper and a no fuss goat. Powerful doe with a beautiful mammary. We are so pleased with her FF udder and  her 2nd freshening udder. She has not disappointed. Beautiful lateral attachments, and smooth foreudder excellent orifices and from the first day an easy milker.  Her colored skin on legs and udder unfortunately give her udder an odd look in pictures.  Sass's daughter from 2021 has been retained. (Sugar-n-Spice)

Junior GCH

earning her official restricted leg

5 months





MDGA # XL04044


F-2 50/50 Experimental

DOB 2/21/2018

S: Country Charm Henry (F-1)

SS: Tranquility Acres RB Casy  *S

SD: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars

D: VCH Wings & Caprines BingoismynameO AR*D (F-1)

DS:  S: Peachtree Farms Will (AGS)

DD:  Worley Lane Zephyr 1*M  Pedigree-

~Erect Ears

~Blue Eyes


(1st show MDGA Floyd 2018)

1st Place Sr Kid


1st place yearling milker

V show- 2019 Fall single entry yearling milker

Vshow -2020 Fall

4th ring 1

2nd ring 2

Honorable mention by Judge Jena Williams

V-Show Spring/Summer 2021

2nd (Judge Lavinia Allen)

1st & BU in class (Judge James Oller)

Floyd Va Live Show

Ring 1 - 1st (Judge Ed Kinser)

Ring 2- 2nd (Judge Jean Lucas)

3 YO 3rd Freshener

First freshening  yearling

2 YO  2nd Freshener

Strawberry is a doe that we were drawn to soon after birth. We love how solid and correct she is. She is also incredibly wide & growthy like her dam, a trait we like to see in Miniature Lamanchas. While she is erect eared we feel she has very correct conformation and will be an asset in our breeding program. Bred to kid as a yearling, to a std buck she kidded a beautiful 6.5 # single doeling with ease.  Daughter Shortcake has been retained.   2nd freshening she kidded triplet does!  3rd freshening triplets again 2b/1d.  We are considering milking her through an extended lactation for 2022. Well attached high and tight udder that is socked on! Beautiful Lateral attachments and milks easily. Teat size and orifices are perfect for hand milking and machine milking.  See her dam and her daughter under Bingo. 



MDGA # XL04768

TMGR# DL000301012561

F-2   50/50 Experimental


S: Country Charm Percy (F-1)

SS: Country Charm Farm Joshua 

SD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah

D: Wings & Caprines Princess (F-1)

DS:  ForestFrame Hunter

DD:  Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars


~Brown eyes


2019- GCH

earned restricted leg

V-Show Fall 2019

1st place Both rings

V-Show Spring 2020

4th place both rings of large class 11 entries. 

V-Show Fall 2020

ring 1- 2nd place

ring 2- 1st place & RCH

Not shown in 2021

Rose's first show. Dry yearling GCH Jr Doe  

Floyd, VA 2019  Judge James Oller

Earned Official Restricted Leg

Rose is very special to us, her dam Wings & Caprines Princess was a favorite here so we are thankful to have a doe back from that line. She is super sweet, gets along well with all goats, very milk mannered.  Her dam can be found on our reference page and her Grand dam on both sides can be found in our Lamancha pages (current and reference).  Rose kidded buck/doe twins  April 2020. Doeling retained and buckling sold to a breeding program. Very pleased with her mammary. She is slightly uneven after getting hit by another goat several weeks after kidding. Lovely FF udder!  April 2021 she kidded with triplets (2bucks/ 1 doe).




MDGA # XL04772

TMGR #DL000301012563

DOB-  3/15/2019

Generation- F-1 

Percentage- 50/50 Experimental

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown


SS :Old Mountain Farm Shyloh


(LA 2018 (90 VEEE)  ELITE DOE

(More about Kiegh here)

D: Wings & Caprines Charlot Bronte' HERE  (2021LA VEEV 90)

DS: Honey Road BJ Chances Are
DD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah HERE

Combined Pedigree HERE


1st Place Int Kid Live Show Va

V-Show Fall 2019

Int Kids- 4th ring 1  & 7th ring 2 out of 13

V Show Spring 2020

GCH & BIS (jr doe) Ring 1

2nd Ring 2

1 leg toward V show Championship

(Restricted leg)

Floyd Va Live Show

Rings 1- 2nd (Judge Ed Kinser)

Ring 2- 2nd (Judge Jean Lucas)

Very proud of our junior doe Simone going Best Jr doe In Show! Shown as a dry yearling in June 2020. Since then Simone kidded twin bucks, and is a yearling milker (July) 2020. 

6 weeks fresh  FF Udder

Simone's dam Charlot Bronte' was bred specifically in the hope of producing a buck. Our search for acceptable mini bucks to expand our program had not gone well and we felt with the incredible genetics between Charlot and Kiegh we could really make some lovely f-1 minis. When Charlotte gave us buck/doe twins it was an easy decision to retain Simone'. She is from slower to mature lines, with excellent flatness of bone, space between ribbing and lovely lovely feet and legs. We are excited to see her lovely escutcheon and width between hock. Very excited about this foundation doe. Simone's Sire, sire's dam, Dam, and dam's dam can be found on their respective pages (Nigerian Dwarf Bucks and Lamancha)  Simone kidded as a yearling FF and we are so pleased. 

We look forward to 2021 as a 2nd freshener and hope for great things for this sweet doe. She is super quiet and very loving yet never needy. Much like her dam Charlot. They tend to "disappear" into the herd.  Both dam/daughter are simply lovely! 



MDGA # XL04760

TMGR# DL000301012565

DOB- 4/15/2019

Generation-F-1 Experimental

Percentage- 75/25%


Eyes- Gold

(Purebred Lamancha) "Charlie"

S: Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy Pedigree

SS: Kopy Kat Mountain Mans Legacy

SD: Welshans-Acres Spur Janelle

(1st gen 50/50)

D: VCH  Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO AR*D


DS:  Peachtree Farms Will  Pedigree- 

DD: Worley Lane Zephyr 1*M  Pedigree-


1st place Junior Kid


!st  (Jr Kid) & GCH both rings & 

BJDIS ring1

Not shown 2020/2021

The only doe out of Triplets we were just tickled to have this doeling! Beautiful gold eyes with a gorgeous correct head only adds to the overall correctness of this doe!  We borrowed back Charlie ( Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy-  Lamancha) after we sold him to sire the litter. Charlie sure did put his stamp of that chocolate color added with the higher percentage of lamancha, we really see the characteristics we were hoping for. We are looking forward to her development and future breeding. She is a calm friendly doe that is sweet, yet uncharacteristically not demanding.  

Very excited about this young doeling's future.

Jolene kidded with a single doe in 2020 and triplets in 2021-  2 does/1 buck as 2f.


The only udder picture I could find at morning milking while her udder was still coming in- she is not full. However you can see her beautiful attachments and her escutcheon height. 


~First Fresheners~




MDGA # XL04763

TMGR #DL000301012567

DOB- 4/28/2019

Generation- F-1

Percentage- 75/25%

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Blue

(Purebred Lamancha) "Charlie"

S: Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy Pedigree

SS: Kopy Kat Mountain Mans Legacy

SD: Welshans-Acres Spur Janelle

(2nd Gen 50/50)
D: Wings & Caprines BH Strawberry (F-2)

DS: Country Charm Henry (F-1)

DD: VCH Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO   AR*D  (F-1)


2nd place Jr kid

V-Show Fall 2019

2nd Place both rings (Jr kid)

V-Show Spring 2020

GCH ring 2

RCH ring 1

V Show Spring /Summer 2021

RCH - (Judge Lavinia Allen)

2nd -Judge James Oller

Floyd, Va Live Show 2021

Ring1-RCH (Judge Ed Kinser)

Ring 2- GCH (Judge Jean Lucas)


Earned her restricted leg toward her v championship

Earned Milking leg (live show)

Pictured Left at 8 weeks  ~  Center  5 months ~ right as a yearling

Really appreciating the escutcheon width & height


Strawberry's daughter naturally would be named "Shortcake". Strawberry's Shortcake just seemed to fit!  Single to her yearling FF dam she sure stole our hearts!  Born 2 weeks after a large group of kids an almost 3 weeks before the  next group, we were her playmates! She is no stranger to the house! She is super playful and is always good for a jump in our lap!  She has such confidence with her "friends" and gets along beautifully with her goat pals.This lil gal is sure showing some nice qualities and it will be fun watching her grow.  We had hoped to get a pic of the 4 generations all together. This lil gal technically is a 1st gen, but has 3 generations behind her. Sadly we lost Zephyr (Great Grand dam) shortly before these pics were taken, and never got the chance at the amazing heritage she left. All her offspring are lovey, kissy, and clearly inherited her SMILE!  Zephyr- the Smiling Goat is missed. Shortcake will be bred for 2021 kids as a 2YO FF.  Very excited about this doe!

Zephyr (Great Grand Dam PB Lamancha)- Bingo (Grand dam 50/50 1st gen) - Strawberry (Dam 50/50 2nd gen) - Shortcake 

At Floyd Va show we managed to get 3 of the generations together. (Above under Bingo)



MDGA XL05009
TMGR #DL000301012568

DOB 4/19/2020

Generation- F-2

Percentage= 62.5/37.5

Ears- Gopher

Eyes- Brown

1st gen 75/25

S: Wings & Caprines BBL Main Man (F-1)

SS: Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy (Charlie) 

        PB Lamancha  Pedigree

SD: VCH Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO   AR *D        (F-1) 50/50

(2nd Gen 50/50)
D: Sraw Hat Farm Rose (F-2)

DS: Country Charm Percy (F-1)

DD: Wings & Caprines Princess (F-1)


2020 Spring V Show

Ring 1 1st

Ring 2  1st  & RCH

2020 Fall V Show

Ring 1 3rd ( behind 2 of our other does)

Ring 2 1st & RCH

Not shown 2021

Julia is my baby girl. She is sweet, calm, always making her way to give love. Growthy as a kid she blends perfectly with our standard lamancha kids. This lil chunky monkey is starting to mature into a beautiful doeling. Very powerful with strong dairy character.

At just under 6 weeks of age Julia went Reserve Champion in Ring 2 and was 1st in her Jr class in Ring 1 in the Spring 2020 V-ShowFall 2020 V-show she was again RCH.  1st under ring 2 and 3rd in ring 1 placing behind 2 of our other goats. We have high hopes for this doeling!  Very excited to watch her grow and mature!  Due to her incredible capacity she will be bred for a yearling FF to kid in 2021. The breeding that produced Julia is being repeated for 2021.


MDGA XL05053
TMGR #DL000301012569

DOB 5/21/2020

Generation- F-1

Percentage- 75/25

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown

1st gen 50/50

S: Country Charm Henry (F-1)

SS: Country Charm Farm Joshua 

SD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah


PB Lamancha
D:  CH Candlelight Secret Rendezvous (LA 2021 VEEE 90)




Spring 2020 V Show
ring 1- 2nd
ring 2- 3rd

Fall 2020 V Show
ring 1 1st GCH
ring 2 3rd (behind 2 of our other goats)

Spring/Summer 2021 V-show
Ring1- 1st (Judge Lavinia Allen)
Ring 2- 1st ( judge James Oller)

Floyd Va Live Show-
shown as a yearling milker
Ring 1- 1st (Judge Ed Kinser)
Ring 2- 1st (Judge Jean Lucas)

Above- Yearling milker (FF)

Above- 1 week old

Right- Pictured at just under 4 months.

Jenny's dam "Rondi" was FF 3YO!  Rondi is an exquisite doe! 

Both Rondi's doeling and buckling have been retained for our mini program. 

Jenny was a week old when we snapped these photos to enter her in he v-show. Even at a young age you can clearly see she is a correct doe and has a great future ahead of her. When Jenny was born she was "picked" by Josie (owner and breeder of our Nigerian Dwarf herd). I knew then she wasn't going anywhere and would be Josie's girl! At such a young age she showed such beautiful conformation. Jenny kidded at 11 months and buckling her has been retained. Her first freshening udder is beautiful & buttery soft. 

2021 Jenny's dam set out to her first shows and had her first Linear Appraisal with ADGA.

We are proud to say that "Rondi" is now a finished CH & recieved a LA score of VEEE 90!


MDGA XL05176

DOB 6/22/2020

Generation- F-2

Percentage- 62.5/37.5

Ears- Gopher

Eyes- Brown

1st gen 50/50

S: Wings & Caprines KP Bangles Ewok


SD: Wings & Caprines Hester Prynne

1st gen 75/25
D:  Wings & Caprines BBL Jolene

DS:  Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy (Charlie) PB Lamancha

DD:  VCH Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO AR*D  (F-1) 50/50

Happy was born late in the year and was a single to her yearling dam. With no kids her age she stayed up at the house for about a month until she could go with the rest of the babies. Spoiled and a "follow" us around goat she was pretty independent. Entering the herd with far older baby goats she held her own and had the attitude of "you aren't going to boss me!" We love her spirited lil self!  She is always happy! Her smile reminds us of her Grand dam Zephyr, who we have always referred to as the smiling goat. Happy is joy!  Growthy as all our minis are in their first year she was bred to kid mid 2021. She is a hardy eater with a real hardiness for such a young goat. Love everything about her!. Her first freshening produced twin bucklings , kidding with ease. Her FF udder at 12  months shows great promise and we are excited to see her 2F udder.


~Registered Grade~
Senior & Junior Does




DOB- 6/24/13

S:  Peachtree Farms Will  (registered AGS)

D: The Silly Millie  GL1857589

~elf ears  

~blue eyes

25 1/2" tall at 6yrs old wt 130#


Floyd, VA Show- (live)

GCH Sr Doe & Best Udder In Show

V-Show  Fall 2019

1st Place both Rings & 

Ring 1- GCH, BDIS, BUS

Ring 2- RCH

V  Show Fall 2020

1st & GCH

Trouble is now a Virtual Show Finished Champion


Trouble will stay in extended lactation indefinitely.  

We have retained her daughter Dreamy and we see no need for more kids. 

Another breeding in her future will be evaluated. 

Left- Milked out for BUiS-  ~ Center- Udder at 16+ Months into lactation ~ Right- Milked out for BUIS

GCH Sr Doe and Best Udder In Show

Trouble's first show MDGA Floyd,VA 2019   Judge James Oller

Earned Offical Unrestricted Leg

Trouble is a favorite here on the farm! She is an incredibly hardy doe who thrives on forage and pasture over hay/feed. She requires little feed to maintain proper body condition but will still milk extremely well. As of now, Trouble is our most productive Miniature Lamancha and rivals some of the "big girls". A true Lamancha in Miniature.  Trouble is the reason for our love of Miniature Lamanchas, being our first Mini born on our farm we fell in love with this spunky doe soon after she was born.  Her dam is our very loved Millie, a NOA doe. Millie has had both std lamanchas (registered as rec grade) and mini's (registered grade minis).  Very powerful doe yet stands at only 25 1/2" and at maturity 130#.  The does in this line are quite capable of extended lactation and therefore are not bred yearly.  Her width, capacity are incredible! 


MDGA XL00335

DOB 5/17/2020


Percentage- 75/25

Ears- Gopher

Eyes- Brown

S: *B Candlelight Black Tie Affair

SS:  *B Dalton's Way Mc PayDay

SD:  SG Candlelight Justalil Georgio 3*M

D:  VCH Wings & Caprines MW Trouble Grade 

DS:  Peachtree Farms Will (reg AGS)

DD:   The Silly Millie (NOA Lamancha)


Fall 2020 V Show-

2nd in both rings behind one of our other jr does

Pictured at a few days old.

Pictured at 3 and half months old.

So very excited to see Dreamy grow into a young junior doe. Loving everything about this girl!

She was named Dreamy because I have always wanted a black and tan mini lamancha.  When she was born (1 of triplets)  I said MY DREAM GOAT!  She is  so very much what I'd hoped for!  Very powerful doeling with so much capacity and strength of front end she is a joy to look at let alone snuggle. 

Dreamy is my girl. Love her to the moon and back! 

This line is a heavy milk line that lends itself to extended lacation. 

Dreamy freshened with a beautiful doeling and a DOA buckling.

We opted to dry Dreamy off after kidding due to having so many goats in milk and she was quite ancy as a first freshener, having a hard time adjusting to the milkline. She is still brought in and fed on the milkline to help her adjust and will be ready for her 2nd freshening. Her mammary was quite lovely but unfortunately we did not get any pictures.


~Junior Does~
Registered Experimental & Grade


Wings & Caprines KP Kipper

F-1 50/50  DOB 3/8/21

(Elf ears & brown eyes)

Pedigree Page

S:*B CUatLilRedBarn Kiegh

(LA +EV 88)

D: Wings & Caprines Hester Prynne

(LA- VEVE90)

Sire can be found on the

  Nigerian Bucks Page

Dam can be found on our

  Lamancha Does page

Wings & Caprines Sugar-n-Spice

F-2 62/37  DOB 3/10/21

(Gopher ears & brown eyes)

Pedigree Page

S: Wings & Caprines Diesel

Mini Bucks Page

D: Wings & Caprines JI Sass 


Wings & Caprines Candyland

F2 62/37  DOB 3/19/21

(Gopher ears & brown eyes)

Pedigree Page

S:  Wings & Caprines Diesel

Mini Bucks Page

D: VCH  Wings & Caprines 

      Bingo ismynameO AR*D


Wings & Caprines Sprite

F2 62/37  DOB 3/25/21

(Gopher ears & brown eyes)

Pedigree Page

S: Wings & Caprines KP Bangles         Ewok

Mini Bucks Page

D: Wings & Caprines BBL Jolene


Wings & Caprines Louise

F2 68/31  DOB 4/24/21

(Gopher ears & brown eyes)

Pedigree Page

S: Wings & Caprines Diesel

Mini Bucks Page

D: Wings & Caprines MMR Julia


Wings & Caprines MMR Ditzy

F2 62/37   DOB 427/21

(Gopher ears, Blue eyes, & Moonspots)

Pedigree Page

S: Wings & Caprines BBL Main Man

Mini Bucks Page

D: Straw Hat Farm Rose


Wings & Caprines Grace

F1 75/25  DOB5/1/21

(Elf ears & brown eyes)

Pedigree Page

S: Wings & Caprines KP Bangles Ewok

Mini Bucks Page

D: CH Candlelight Secret Rendezvous

(LA 2021 VEEE 90)

Lamancha Does Page

Wings & Caprines GiGi

Grade 3rd Gen 75/25

(Gopher ears & blue eyes)

Pedigree Page

S: Wings & Caprines BBL Main Man

Mini Bucks Page

D: Wings & Caprines Dreamy