Miniature Lamancha Bucks

-A Note About Our Miniatures- 

~We believe building the strongest base foundation is key in breeding a miniature dairy goat. 

~Breeding those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. 

~A mini mancha is more than just throwing a dwarf over a standard. 

~Breeding for  quality,  production, and confirmation. 

~Our priority is NOT higher generation, ears, and/or noses.  

~A correct erect eared mini is better than a mediocre elf/gopher eared mini.

~Our PRIORITY is a solid correct udder, high escutcheon, proper leg placement, teat placement, and the  dairy characteristics. 

 ~A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. In developing  miniatures we believe in the whole package.

~There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. ~1st and 2nd generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes     great skill to improve. The blending of two VERY different types of dairy goats can be challenging.

~A well bred mini  is easily capable of producing  6-8# per day  higher % doe's may yield more. 

~We prefer and try to breed as close to the 50/50 mark as possible, keeping the miniature truly miniature!  

~We SELECTIVELY breed for mini's from our show Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf Lines, therefore only a few are bred yearly.


Country Charm Henry - XL02640

Registered MDGA


Percentage- 50/50

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown

S: Tranquility Acres RB Casy  *S

SS: Caesar's Villa CBS Roundup *S

SD: Rosasharn's B'Udder-Nut 3*D

D: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars

DS: *B Dalton's Way TM Jeromy  

DD: Candlelight Secret Intention 8*M

~Chamoise w/white belt & poll

Pedigree HERE

Henry's dam's udder  2F

Candlelight Sun, Moon & Stars

Henry & Percy were our first Miniature Lamancha bucks! Through them we eventually acquired both of their dams that became part of our Lamancha program! We love the genetics behind these boys. Percy has been sold (under reference section) but Henry remains with us. We love everything about this buck, as we did Percy. A first generation that is a shining example of a truly well bred foundation miniature. Strong feet and legs, width throughout, level topline, substance, beautiful front end and a gorgeous head.  Henry remains a keeper despite his generation and ear status. A gentleman to boot. :) Above he is pictured wooing a doe. 

Henry's dam "Star" was tragically lost in a terrible accident on the farm before we had her long enough to put her on test.  Her picture remains on our Lamancha Does page.





registered MDGA 

DOB- 3/1/17


Percentage- 50/50


Eyes- BLUE

S: Wings & Caprines HS Chami

SS: Forestframe Hunter (ADGA)

SD: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars (ADGA)

 Pedigree (combined)- 

D:  Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO

DS:  Peachtree Farms Will  Pedigree-

DD: Worley Lane Zephyr  Pedigree-

~ Tan, red, white

Monopoly is truly one of the sweetest bucklings we have on our farm. Gentle, loving, and a bit spoiled!  We retained him from our doe Bingo as we have been very impressed with Bingo's udder and conformation. Monopoly has well placed legs, width, dairyness and overall structure. As a great bonus he is also gopher eared, for those that love blue eyes... he has those too. We look forward to using him in our program for 75/25 offspring. Retaining some offspring to breed back to our 50/50's. 

Monopoly's dam is currently on test and is expected to meet all requirements for earning her star in production.  His dam is pictured on our Miniature Lamancha does page.

Update pics coming soon as well as his dam's udder





registered MDGA

DOB 4/18/2018

Generation- F-1

Percentage- 50/50

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown

S: One Fine Acre FR Isaac

SS: Buttin'heads Fortunato

SD: GCH Little Tots Estate Rosmarinus 2*M

LA 2016 VEVE 90

D: Wings & Caprines Jane Eyre

DS: Honey Road BJ Chances Are
DD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah

Combined Pedigree HERE

Above- dam's 2F udder

Left- 4 months

David and his sister were both retained 2018 out of Jane  (Wings & Caprines Jane Eyre). Needing to add bucks that are unrelated this was a full outcross with the hopes of getting a buck!  :)  We are very pleased with how both kids are developing. A first generation 50/50 David has very nice dairy character and we are hopeful for what he may bring to our breeding program. His dam is on test however due to bad hay and 4 goats getting ill Jane's production dropped and we felt it was better to go to OAD (Once a day) milking and dry her off to better recuperate. We are pleased with her productivity. 

Reference Bucks


Country Charm Percy

Registered MDGA #XL02639

Generation- F-1 50/50%

Ears-Elf : Eyes-Brown 

S: Country Charm Farm Joshua 

D: Candlelight JRMY Mariah

Wings & Caprines Gordy 
Registered MDGA  # XL03655P

Generation- F-1  50/50%
Ears- Elf :  Eyes- Brown : Polled

S: ForestFrame Hunter 
D:  Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars

Wings & Caprines  Chami

Registered MDGA  # XL03654P

Generation- F-1  50/50%
Ears- Elf : Eyes- Brown : Polled

S: ForestFrame Hunter 

D:  Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars