Miniature Lamancha Bucks

-A Note About Our Miniatures- 

~We believe building the strongest base foundation is key in breeding a miniature dairy goat. 

~Breeding those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. 

~A mini mancha is more than just throwing a dwarf over a standard. 

~Breeding for  quality,  production, and confirmation. 

~Our priority is NOT higher generation, ears, and/or noses.  

~A correct erect eared mini is better than a mediocre elf/gopher eared mini.

~Our PRIORITY is a solid correct udder, high escutcheon, proper leg placement, teat placement, and the  dairy characteristics. 

 ~A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. In developing  miniatures we believe in the whole package.

~There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. ~1st and 2nd generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes     great skill to improve. The blending of two VERY different types of dairy goats can be challenging.

~A well bred mini  is easily capable of producing  6-8# per day  higher % doe's may yield more. 

~We SELECTIVELY breed for mini's from our show Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf Lines, therefore only a few are bred yearly.

Main Man~


MDGA XL 04762

TMGR #BL000301012566

DOB- 4/15/2019

Generation-F-1 Experimental

Percentage- 75/25%


Eyes- BLUE

(Purebred Lamancha) "Charlie"

S: Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy Pedigree

SS: Kopy Kat Mountain Mans Legacy

SD: Welshans-Acres Spur Janelle

(1st gen 50/50)

D:  VCH Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO AR*D

DS:  Peachtree Farms Will  Pedigree-

DD: Worley Lane Zephyr 1*M  Pedigree-

V Show  Fall 2019

Jr - 1st & RCH ring 1 and 2nd ring 2

V Show Fall 2020

Sr buck- 1st in both rings 

GCH & BIS ring 1

V Show Fall 2021

Sr Buck 2nd both rings

Main Man has 2 official legs 

toward his V Championship.


Main man is a buck we have admired since the moment he was born. Having bred his parents in hopes of the pairing producing our next herdsire, we were over the moon when Main Man was born. 

Now a yearling, Main man excels in general appearance. In feet and legs, we love his forward facing feet, strength of pasterns, tightness of toes, and depth of heel. In addition Main Man is  showing incredible depth of body and width throughout for a yearling buck.  Feet and legs are something we closely watch, especially with our herdsires seeing how it has the greatest amount of points on the MDGA scorecard. What use is a buck if he doesn't have a strong foundation? In temperament, Main Man is a very chill, easy goat buck. From the moment he was born he was just a joy! While he has had no official lead training, Main Man is always easy to handle on and off lead, even when around does in season!

Main Man's dam, Bingo, is a farm favorite. She is so angular and dairy showing us all the proper "Dairy wedges" along with beautiful mammary system. Main Man's littermate sister is Jolene. Jolene was 1st in her class at the 2019 Floyd, VA MDGA show. In the 2019 fall MDGA V-show Jolene was fist in her class, then went on to be Grand Champion & BEST JR DOE IN SHOW. We were lucky enough to have a doeling, Julia,  sired by Main Man and we are so happy with what we are seeing! Julia was entered in the Spring and Fall 2020 MDGA V-show where she ended up going first place and RCH Champion twice (behind our other Jr does). 


Bangles Ewok~



TMGR #BL000301012564

DOB-  3/24/2019

Generation- F-1 Experimental

Percentage- 50/50

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown


SS :Old Mountain Farm Shyloh


(LA 2018 (90 VEEE)  ELITE DOE

(More about Kiegh here)

D: Wings & Caprines Hester Prynne  HERE

DS: MLRT Taipan  SEE more on Taipan HERE
DD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah

Combined Pedigree HERE

Pictured as a Sr Yearling  (14 months)

Spring 2020 V Show GCH & RCH

Fall 2020 V Show 2nd & 3rd

Fall 2021 V Show GCH & RCH

Bangle's Dam's 2F udder

Bangles Ewok, what can I say?! The family couldn't agree on a name so this fine buck gets two names! Bangles Ewok is the product of a breeding paired in hopes of producing our next  herdsire. We were delighted when this buck was born! When Bangles Ewok was still a young kid disaster struck and he broke his leg! We were devastated, we did not know what the future would hold with this stunning buck. We did what we could and hoped for the best. To our delight, his leg healed very well. Despite only functioning on 3 legs for the longest time he had NO bowing or weakness in his other legs or pasterns! This is quite amazing given his age and the the rapid growth stage Bangles Ewok was going through, a true testament as to WHY feet and legs are so important! Had this buck been lacking even the slightest amount in the area of feet and legs he would not be standing today. When looking at this buck in person you can see the slightest difference where the broke occurred, has a bit of nerve damage in one of his toes but it doesn't affect his structure or function. 

There are really so many things to love about this buck, it is hard to not get carried away when describing him. Everyone who sees this buck in person is an awe! Bangles Ewok shows us tremendous length over his topline, he has one of the longest rumps I've seen yet in this breed. The smooth transition from neck into withers and so forth is remarkable, truly a smoothly blended buck!  Bangles Ewok is also showing us great depth of body for such a young buck. In temperament he is very easy to handle, even with does in season. We want to enjoy our bucks, so having a good temperament and personality is very important to us as well. Bangles checks all the boxes for us.  As a yearling he has sired a doeling from Jolene. "Happy" has been retained. This yearling buck has so much potential and we are truly excited to have him part of our program.

It's not often you see a Miniature Lamancha that has ADGA National Grand Champions and Res. National Champions on both the Lamancha and Nigerian side of the pedigree! This buck has such an exciting pedigree, Nigerian Dwarf, Lamancha, and Miniature Lamancha breeders alike can really appreciate this spectacular pedigree. Too many focus on generation status or ear type and undervalue their F-1 elf eared Miniatures, we do not. We look at that animal individually and see what they have to offer. Clearly, this buck has many great things to contribute even to experienced breeding programs.

**** The breeding that produced Bangles Ewok has been repeated for 2021 kids, in hopes of a doeling. :)  



MDGA XL05175

TMGR #BL000301012570

DOB- 5/21/2020

Generation- F-1

Percentage- 75/25

Ears- Gopher

Eyes- Brown

S: Country Charm Henry (F-1)

SS: Country Charm Farm Joshua 

SD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah

PB Lamancha

D:  Candlelight Secret Rendezvous




Diesel's dam's udder

FF udder 


Right - Star

Diesel's sire's dam's udder 2F

Diesel and his twin sister were retained for our program.  Diesel has such strength for such a young kid, correct feet and legs, well blended throughout. As a jr herdsire he will be heavily used in late fall 2020/early 2021. Really excited about this buckling!

As one may notice when reading through our Mini Lamancha buck page, we tend to "make" our own herdsires by very selective breeding. Diesel is no exception. Diesel is the offspring of our former herdsire Henry and his dam Rondi (Candlelight Secret Rendezvous). Diesel is a long and sharp buckling with very correct feet and legs. As a young buck Diesel is showing us proper smoothness of blending throughout and is long and level across the topline. Born May 2020 Diesel is already showing so much promise and we are using him very heavily this fall. He is a very sweet boy and has been very well behaved going through his first rut. Diesel's twin sister, Jenny is an incredible doeling that we knew would be staying on the farm the moment she stood for the first time. This doeling went on to be Grand Champion in the fall 2020 V-show! Both these kids are remarkable! 

Diesel's dam, Rondi had such an exciting udder as a first freshener (as a 3YO!), she is very high and wide in the rear udder, with lovely lateral attachments, good teat placement, and a smoothly blended fore udder. We are hoping Diesel passes these same traits to his daughters! This buck shows us so much promise, his kids will be ones to watch come spring 2021!


~Junior Bucks~


Wings & Caprines Winchester

F1 50/50 DOB 4/5/21

(Elf ears, brown eyes, moonspots)

Pedigree Here

S: CUatLilRedBarn Sir Charms *B

D: Wings & Caprines Winnie

Pictured at 3 months

Wings & Caprines ----

F2 75/25 DOB 4/20/21

(Elf ears & blue eyes)

Pedigree Here

S: Wings & Caprines Diesel

D: Wings & Caprines Shortcake

Pictured at 2.5 months


Wings & Caprines Louie

F2 68/31  DOB 4/24/2021

(Gopher ears, brown eyes)

Pedigree Here

S: Wings & Caprines Diesel

D: Wings & Caprines MMR Julia

Pictured at  2.5 months

Reference Bucks




registered MDGA 

DOB- 3/1/17


Percentage- 50/50


Eyes- BLUE

S: Wings & Caprines HS Chami

SS: Forestframe Hunter (ADGA)

SD: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars (ADGA)

 Pedigree (combined)- 

D:  Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO

DS:  Peachtree Farms Will  Pedigree-

DD: Worley Lane Zephyr  Pedigree-

Pictured at 1 year in RUT! 




registered MDGA

DOB 4/18/2018

Generation- F-1

Percentage- 50/50

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown

S: One Fine Acre FR Isaac HERE

SS: Buttin'heads Fortunato

SD: GCH Little Tots Estate Rosmarinus 2*M

LA 2016 VEVE 90

D: Wings & Caprines Jane Eyre

DS: Honey Road BJ Chances Are
DD: Candlelight JRMY Mariah
littermate to Sass

4 months


Country Charm Henry - XL02640

Registered MDGA


Percentage- 50/50

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown

S: Tranquility Acres RB Casy  *S

SS: Caesar's Villa CBS Roundup *S

SD: Rosasharn's B'Udder-Nut 3*D

D: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars

DS: *B Dalton's Way TM Jeromy  

DD: Candlelight Secret Intention 8*M

~Chamoise w/white belt & poll

Pedigree HERE
 A first generation that is a shining example of a truly well bred foundation miniature. Strong feet and legs, width throughout, level topline, substance, beautiful front end and a gorgeous head. Below- wooing the ladies.
Wings & Caprines Gordy 
Registered MDGA  # XL03655P

Generation- F-1  50/50%
Ears- Elf :  Eyes- Brown : Polled

S: ForestFrame Hunter 
D:  Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars

Wings & Caprines  Chami

Registered MDGA  # XL03654P

Generation- F-1  50/50%
Ears- Elf : Eyes- Brown : Polled

S: ForestFrame Hunter 

D:  Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars