~Mini Awards~

This page is for awards only. 


Each goat that has been shown (V-show or live show) has there show placings on their individual profile.

We show a handful of goats when we are able. We have shown in Fall 2019 V-show, Spring 2020 V Show, & 2020 Fall V-Show. Live shows for us are once a year in Floyd VA (1 ring show). We have shown in 2018 & 2019. 

2020 was cancelled due to covid apprehension.

*** Junior does are not show again (until becoming a senior doe) once they have earned their official restricted leg***


VCH Wings & Caprines MW Trouble


Live Show Floyd VA



Best Udder in Show

(milked out)


Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO 


Live Show Floyd 2018 

Best Udder in Show


Straw Hat Farm Rose


Live Show Floyd, VA


GCH Junior Doe


Wings & Caprines BH Strawberry

Wings & Caprines JI Sass

Wings & Caprines KCB Simone


Wings & Caprines BBL Jolene

Wings & Caprines Shortcake


Wings & Caprines MMR Julia


Wings & Caprines Jenny

Wings & Caprines BBL Main Man

Wings & Caprines KP Bangles Ewok