LGD Services We Provide ...

Great Pyrenees Stud service-

All our males are AKC registered.

Stud services to approved bitches only.

Contact us via e-mail for more information.

Please give age of bitch, date of last litter, 

and approximate dates of heat cycle. 

Proof of Rabies Vaccination required

* We reserve the right to refuse stud services

 for any reason, to a bitch we feel is unsuitable.

LGD Puppy/Litter Assessment Training- Breeders Only

An overview and the teaching of how to assess your pups for the best placement possibilities.  Assessments and training generally take up to two hours depending on litter size. 

~Assessing guarding strengths

~individual placement suggestions

~large farm, small family farm, off site, 

  pairings, pet vs guardian

For more information please contact us, please include breed, age of pups, and litter size.

Problem Solving

Many first time LGD owners run into difficulties when raising up their new young guardians. Sometimes first time LGD owners need help and often cannot find it, sadly it often results in the dog being given up, re-homed to be someone elses problem, or worse- ends up in a shelter. We want every new LGD owner to have a good understanding of these incredible animals and the support necessary to work with their dogs. Regardless of where you got your dog from or LGD breed we are more than glad to help you find a resolve for your pup problems.

When contacting us please provide breed, age, and the nature of problem.

Training- LGD Owners

We offer in- house training for pups. 

Assessment and projected training plan will be established.

For more details contact us.