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WORLEY LANE ZEPHYR 1*M L001830672 (PB Doe)

DOB- 3/23/2014

S: Beeson's Pet Percival

D: Beeson's Itsy Bitsy Pop 

Pedigree HERE

~Red Chamoisee, gopher ears


Zephyr went to the NC State Fair (2017)

Given her smaller stature we don't usually show Zeph- we are so thrilled with how she did! Love this doe!

Open Show- 1st Place

(Under Judge Jenn Tereba)

Youth show- 2nd Place

(ubder Judge Julie Matthys)


NCDGBA- 1st x3 

NRV-  1st

2018 NC State Fair

2X 1st Place 

2nd Place Dairy Herd


Not being shown for 2019


In loving memory...

June 2019 we tragically lost our beloved Zephyr. 

June 2019 we tragically lost our beloved Zephyr. It was a terrible shock. After  2 1/2 years of showing our goats, and never having any goats get sick our herd was infected at a spring show along with almost all the other herds.  Our milkers were those affected.  Some affected more than others. Zephyr never got the illness but sadly the virus (that is what it was thought to be) circled around a second time and Zephyr was hit hard overnight. We did all we could but we were not able to save her.  We exhausted all means of finding out what the illness was.  The virus affected goats over 3 shows and herds from 7 states and at +/- 500 animals.  Needless to say the devastation is felt among all of us here. She truly was our smiling goat!  Our future with showing is still being assessed. We take every precaution but there is always risk, sadly.  

Zephyr will be forever missed. 

pic taken after milked out

One of our favorite pictures- Asking the Judge for a kiss! 

Zephyr is one of our favorites, always smiling, hugging, and giving kisses. A true JOY!

When she is naughty and is scolded she squints her eyes and sticks up her nose as if to say, "I can't hear you- I'm pouting right now!" She sure is a special girl. We adore Zephyr.

Zephyr has very strong solid genetics behind her.  Typical of a Lamancha, she is sweet, loving and filled with personality.  We bred Zeph for minis her first freshening, standards for her 2nd. Her 3rd Freshening produced Buck/Doe twins. Zephyr just gets better with age. She is a solid more compact doe.  A beautiful deep bodied doe. Excellent hand milking teats with fantastic orifices and proper delineation. Although her teats are on the larger side her mammary system beautiful. This is a lovely doe in every way! 

Her mini daughter (2016) and her standard daughter from 2018 have been retained as well as a grandaughter and great grand daughter in 2019.

ADGA registered

S: Candlelight QL Gentleman

D: SG Candlelight Secret Intention 8*M   

Linear Appraisal  

2012- 88

2013- 89

Pedigree HERE

Show Record


Dry yearling

1,2,3,4 places



NC Sate Fair 2017- 

Youth (under Judge Jenn Tereba) 1st

Open (under Judge Julie Matthys) 3rd


NCDGBA (Rocky Mount Show) 


Cameron Jodlowski, Paula Reisdorff,

& Don Bergfield

Ring 1 - 4th place  

Ring 2 - 3rd place

 Best Lamancha udder

Ring3 - 2nd place



Todd Biddle &  Jean Lucas

Ring 1 -2nd Place 

Ring 2- 1st Place

Dixie Classic-

Open- 1st   

Part of 1st Place Lamancha Dairy Herd

Youth- 1st Best Udder of Breed

2018 NC State Fair-

1st & GCH 


2nd Place Dairy Herd

Earned restricted leg

Not shown in spring shows 2019 (late kidding)

2yo FF 

Earning her stars in 

Production, Butterfat, & Protein

Below as a Dry Yearling

"Queen"   Wings & Caprines  Dancing Queen 

  *B Candlelight Black Tie Affair   X  SG Ripples Rhapsody Spring Reign  9*M (Raina)


3 Months

Dancing Queen is sister to Trudy. We loved  this little Sundgau marked girl! Sweet temperament and a bit more mild mannered than her sister Trudy. Playful and silly as you can see by her sticking her tongue out during pictures.  Queen has the most beautiful high and wide escutcheon. Queen has gone on to a performance home where she will be bred for Lamanchas and also in the development of a miniature lamancha herd.

Dixie Classic

Open- 3rd  Youth 2nd


   Wings & Caprines Hetty
*B Candlelight Black Tie Affair x Candlelight JRMY Mariah
Purebred  DOB 3/4/2019

Show Record- Hetty


Int kid-

Ring 1- 2nd  

Ring 2- 2nd  

Ring 3- 1st

Hetty is sister to Winnie. We could only keep one and we were so happy when our good friend wanted to take Hetty as a new addition to their farm.

Hetty has gone to a performance home and we are looking forward to updates and seeing her at the shows. This sweetheart will be missed.


ADGA registered 

DOB- 1/19/2016
S: Honey Road BJ Chances Are
D: Candlelight JRMY Mariah

Pedigree HERE

Show record-

Jane's fisrt show was NC State Fair 2016. 

 2nd in Sr kids class Youth (next to her first place sister) 

Reserve Jr Champion Youth. 

9th in the open show in a very large class

Not shown in 2017 or 2018 as she kidded late in the season.

Jane is simply a delightful doe! Her personality alone wins the heart of everyone. She loves walking on lead and prancing her stuff, getting and giving hugs and loving everyone she meets. Jane has a beautiful topline, beautiful escutcheon, rear width and general appearance. A nice tall stylish doe that is growing well with an impressive udder for such a young doe. Jane is one of my favorite does to hug on while she is on the milkstand.  She has her very own person on her new farm and will be a showmanship doe. 

Jane as a doeling


In Loving Memory of our Beloved Star

Nov 2015 we tragically lost Star to an accident. 

We miss her very much and cannot bare to remove her from our page. 

Star was so loved and the loss of her has deeply affected us.



ADGA registered


S: Dalton's Way TM Jeromy *B     (LA 87 2011)

D: SG Candlelight Secret Intention 8*M   

Linear Appraisal  

2012- 88

2013- 89

Pedigree HERE

~Chamoisee, brown  eyes, gopher ears

FF udder 
2F udder

2F sideview

Wings & Caprines TM Pearl

MLRT Taipan X Candlelight JRMY Mariah 

PB Lamancha

Pearl will be used for a Miniature Lamancha breeding program at her new home. We are hoping to acquire a doeling from Pearl in the coming years. We couldn't have asked for a better home for this sweet doe! 

Wings & Caprines TM Sweet Pea

MLRT Taipan X The Silly Millie

Recorded Grade

Sweet Pea will be utilized as a family homestead milk goat at her new home. We look forward to watching her develop at her new farm! We hope to see some of her offspring in the show ring! 2019 her daughters did quite well in their first show, one taking 1st place in her Int kids class.

~Semi - Retired~


(Wings & Caprines) 

The Silly Millie ~




Incredible cream!

Millie is a strong, hardy dairy goat.  A homestead goat- we decided to apply for NOA status (Native On Appearance) with ADGA so her offspring could be registered.  She is a great producer that has excellent duration of lactation, keeps her condition throughout her lactation quite easily. Producing very sweet creamy milk.  She has passed her hardiness and excellent production to her offspring. She is very parasite resistant, does very well feeding on the land, has great feed conversion. She passes her hardiness to her offspring. Millie needs no pampering. Truly an amazing goat. Millie's milk is sweet and very creamy! A favorite here! We have semi-retired Millie because we continue to breed her Recorded Grade offspring making improvements in conformation while keeping that hardy disposition.