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Lamancha  Herdsires


Black Tie~

*B Candlelight Black Tie Affair - L1897699
Registered ADGA  

S: Dalton's Way MC Pay Day 
     LA at 1yr 88 VVE
SS: Lucky*Star's  RA Mad Cap
SD: GCH Dalton's Way TN Snickers
       LA  91  EEEE

D: SG Candlelight Justalil Georgio
    LA 91 EEEE
DS:  Dalton's Way TM Justin Time
    LA 92 EEE
DD: SG Candlelight RRK  Lilian 
    LA 90 VEEE

~Black with Tan/Red Markings

Pedigree HERE

As a yearling

Absolutely love this young buck. He was almost exclusively used in 2017 for 2018 kids.

 His daughters are looking absolutely beautiful!  This boy has just what we like, substance! 

 A solid well built more traditional Lamancha. Strength, width,  power, yet dairy.  

An incredible pedigree behind him we are blessed to own him.

We are very excited to see him and his daughters mature. 


Click HERE to see his progeny from 2018 & 2019 

Reference  Herdsires

*B CH  MLRT Caesar~   Please see Caesar's Page. 
Caesar serviced 2 of or does in 2018  All does have been retained.


MLRT TAIPAN - L001769362
Registered ADGA

DOB 3/6/2016
S: CH Mint*Leaf Brigadier
SS: Mint*Leaf Aries
SD: Mint*Leaf Sunflower
D: Tempo Kim 10*M
DS: SG Tempo Liggety +*B
DD: SGCH Tempo Evinna 9*M LA 93 EEEE

~Chamoisee w/white

Pedigree HERE

Above 6 months

Below and right  2 years

We are so pleased to have Tia join our herd! Very exciting genetics behind this boy, combining Mint*Leaf genetics with the Tempo line. Tiapan's Dam, Tempo Kim, comes from a very long line of very successful Lamanchas. Tempo Kim was an ADGA spotlight sale doe as well.  Tai is maturing nicely showing great length of body, height, beautiful feet and legs and is generally a very well put together buck.   

*B Wings & Caprines BTAZ George


DOB 2/27/2018

S: *B  Candlelight Black Tie Affair

SS:  Dalton's Way MC Pay Day 

     LA at 1yr 88 VVE
SD:  SG Candlelight Justalil Georgio
    LA 91 EEEE

D: Worley Lane Zephyr
DS: Beeson's Pet Percival
DD: Beeson's Itsy Bitsy Pop

Pedigree HERE

3 Months  above  5.5 months below


Excited to watch this young buckling mature. We were very excited about the breeding that produced George. his sister has been retained as well. Strong front end, and well placed legs as well as width throughout we are pleased with how he is growing. Love a buck with substance!  

George was sold November 2018. We decided he would not have enough does to be bred to. We hope to retain from a future repeat breeding.



Registered ADGA

DOB 2/28/13

S:Little Orchard TG Bon Jovi *B

SS: South- Fork JS True Grit *B

SD: SGCH Little Orchard BR Joyful Song 10*  LA 92

D:Little Orchard KS Juno

DS:Kastdemur's Smooth Sensation *B

DD:Little Orchard C Jade

Pedigree  HERE

~Sable Black, disbudded, Gopher Ears

Chance sired 3 does while he was with us. Charlotte, Jane,  and Tiffany

Charlotte & Tiffany remain in our breeding program.

Click HERE to see his progeny