Amy moving with PUP #2- Pup 2 is a natural patroller, momma is moving along with her patrolling the perimeter. This girl is often on the fenceline before she will stop and pick a spot to rest and watch from. She is often in motion.


PUP #2 with daddy moving along the fence line. Mom and dad suddenly move off to check something out. Pup 2 stayed put. Very intuitive, she knows she is too young to move with the big dogs.


Pup #1 being introduced to our other team of LGD's and bucks.  "D" our 

male Pyr stays with her, escorts her through. 

She does well to submit .


Uncle "D" watches over his charge, he is gentle and patient. She is curious but cautious of the mature dogs.


Callie the mature Anatolian female remains back and with her goats. She is highly possessive of her goats. "D" continues to "babysit".


Pups 2&3 in an adjoining field, notice Pup 2... always on the fenceline. Pup 3 is watching Callie.


Time to meet the big boys and Callie. Here, pup 1 shows very good submission. The buck is smelling her and notice the Anatolians posture, she is right beside her bucks. Adult stock is not growling but watching thoughtfully, ready to correct.  Pup's head is lowered, eye contact diverted. These bucks are HIGHLY confident because Callie has been a superior guardian , they trust her and if she's ok they are ok.


Callie sniffing Pup1. Pup shows submission. This is very good, if the pup were to snarl, growl, or snap then temperament would be questionable and the pup may be fearful and unstable. The adult stock is showing no aggression so it would not warrant such a response. Pup did very well.


Callie moves back and the bucks come up now.  The bucks are staring the pup down. The black goat is posturing for dominance. Pup is submissive, yet is stable, not running, not growling, not shaking, not fearful.


I love this pic... I always think the bucks are saying aw... cute little fluffball. Whatcha think? Keeper?  Pup 1 remains still.


The bucks decide their work is done here. Pup1 continues on. Adult stock is at ease, goats are at ease, pup explores with confidence.


Amy is teaching Pup 2 take down lessons. She is very gentle with her pups as she teaches them. Teaching how to come up and over for spine crushing to take a predator down.


Amy has taken her pup down and released her. She is super sweet and careful with her pup. Badger watching the lesson.


Next step, Amy has puppy on her back. Pup fights to get up... keep in mind this is "play" for the dogs, there is no harm or injury. More  like slow motion as she teaches them.  


This is a perfect example of parent stock teaching their young. Amy holds Pup 2 while Pup 1 comes in. Amy is teaching the pups teamwork. Notice Pup 2 does not give up.


Through this great parent dog she is aiding her pups in growing up to be strong and confident. Amy has let up as Pup 1 takes over. Pup 1 in under Amy and "battling" with Pup 2.


This photo captures the essence of imprinting. Pup 1 right next to mom observing.


Amy holds.


Lesson over and now they are up. Amy beside Pup 2. Amy really does smile, she is having fun with her pups.


Pup 1's turn. Neck hold. Amy is very soft mouthed with her pups. She is an excellent teacher, gentle and careful . Pup 1 is Amy's favorite.


Changing hold.


Face hold.


Close up.


Neck hold.