Hiro is truly a tremendous buck and we are so, so grateful for the opportunity to use him here on our farm. 

Hiro is a buck that checks all the boxes for us, he is long and level and stands on the most beautiful set of feet and legs. His rump is phenomenal, long and level from hips to pins as well from thurl to thurl, even when in rut! This is a wide buck, from his nostrils to his rump, this buck has tremendous width throughout! In addition, Hiro is showing a strong front end assembly as well as a very deep rear rib. I really cannot find anything I don't love about this buck! Hiro is already proving himself through his offspring, his kids are just stunning and his freshened daughter is spectacular. 

Hiro was used over 3 dam lines. 

Some of Hiro's 2020 Kids


Adorable (experimental) RCH

Jr kid 110#


Maple (Recorded Grade) 1st

Sr Kid 95#


Parfait (American Lamancha) 1st

Jr Kid 80#


 Allure doeling

Mousse doeling

Prynne doeling

Pink doeling

Trudy doeling

Trudy doe

Charlotte doe