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Goats are NOT Grazers!

Goats naturally prefer tree leaves, vines, and weedy forage. Goats are not grass grazers. They will eat grass but it is not their preference, and when they do, they generally will eat the taller grass. Goats rarely eat grass to the ground unless they are very hungry. This is important to know as many new goat owners do not realize that no matter how well you are feeding your goats, goats WILL go for your bushes, shrubs and trees! In a goats mind the stuff on the other side of the fence is much better!


Vines, Poison Ivy, Kudzu, Tree Leaves, & Bark

A great meal to a goat... vines, poison ivy, kudzu... and can they eat it! Goats really can destroy an area so caution must be taken if you do not want a "dead-kill" of the forage. Moving your goats before an area is dead killed will allow fresh forage to grow back up. Feeding up rather than feeding from the ground also helps keep parasite loads at a minimum. Many goats will feed off the bark, it is thought that some tree barks act as a natural parasite preventative. Remember to be careful when petting your goats if they have been in, around, or eating poison ivy as the oils will be on their coat and cause you to have a reaction.


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