Common Goat Terms

Doe- an adult female goat.

Buck- an adult male goat.

Nanny-an old term for female goat. Dairy producers consider it a negative term.

Billy-an old term for male goat. Dairy producers consider it a negative term.

Doeling- A female goat under one year of age.

Buckling- an immature male goat.

Wether- a castrated male goat.

Sire- a father goat.

Dam- a mother goat.

Kid- a goat less than six months of age.

Kidding- bearing young

Polled- A goat that naturally does not grow horns.

Freshen- to begin to produce milk.

Disbud- To prevent horns from growing by cauterizing the horn buds with a hot iron, or other forms of removal

Scurs-Incomplete horn growth resulting from inadequately removed horns. Happens more often with bucks. Some scurs can be very loose and fall off with sparring activity. Some scurs are much more like horns that continue to grow, usually deformed causing issues if growing into the head or face. Scurs like this need to be removed surgically and is not a pretty sight that takes a long time to heal.

Cud- Food that is subjected to bacterial action in the rumen and then regurgitated to the mouth for more chewing.

Castrate- Removal of testicles.

Berries- another name for a goats fecal matter/stool, because they are small, round, and solid in form

Rut- the bucks equivalency of the females heat... the buck will release stronger scent from his scent glands and urinate on himself along with other unsightly    behaviors, they are ready to breed, a buck can breed outside of a rut 

Heat- estrus cycle usually lasting from 1-3 days every 21 days

Seasonal breeder- To be able to breed within specific seasons, usually in the fall.

Year round breeder- To be able to breed all year.