*B Candlelight Black Tie Affair  2018 kids & 2019 kids



Bred to Rhipples Rhapsody Spring Reign  (Raina) produced  Wings & Caprines BTAR Dancing Queen & BTAR Trudy

Queen was Sold to Performance Home pictured at 5 months

Pictured at 5 months

Trudy has been retained and will be bred Fall 2019

Shown as an Intermediate kid 2018- 1st X3 ,2nd

Shown as Sr Yearling 2019 1st X3,  2nd X4

Bred to Worley Lane Zephyr producing  Wings & Caprines BTAZ George & BTAZ Poppy

George moved on to be a herdsire at a farm in NC

Poppy will be a forever keeper. Poppy is pictured here at  3 months. She will not be shown til 2020.

Bred to Wings & Caprines CM Tiffany (Recorded Grade) produced  Wings & Caprines Chocolate Mousse

Mousse is pictured at 5 months

As senior kid 2018- 2nd 2x &  RCH 2x , 1st

As a Sr Yearling-  5X GCH Earned restricted leg



Bred to Candlelight JRMY Mariah (PB) produced Wings & Caprines Winnie & Hetty

Winnie is pictured at 2 months winning GCH & her restricted leg at her first show in the first ring

Hetty was right next to her sister at her first show. 2 months, 2nd,2nd,1st

She has gone to a performance home