Our Poultry ...

We are no longer breeding poultry.
We have chosen to focus exclusively on our dairy goats.

Our poultry is pasture raised, meaning they are free to roam and eat all the grass, weeds, bugs, grubs, and worms they desire. Our chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese live the life they were intended to live, scratching at the ground, dust bathing, flying into the trees, and foraging on grassland and deep in the woods. We have a variety of chicken breeds here at Wingin' it Farms. We have many heritage breeds, rare breeds, and "fancy" breeds. 

The breeds we raise and keep have been carefully selected. Our birds must produce well, they must be hardy, withstanding the drastic temperature changes that the Central/Piedmont NC climate experiences. From extreme heat to temperatures in the teens, our birds certainly hold their own. We breed only those birds that have proven to be sound and hardy. Our hens must also be good sitters and brooders. Incubators for hatching out fertilized eggs are also used on our farm. Poultry that does not meet our standards for breeding are kept as egg layers for eating eggs or sold as non-breeding layers and pets.

Many of our breeds were selected due to their status as a poultry breed in the US. There are many wonderful breeds that have nearly disappeared due to the commercial industry. The commercial industry, we feel, is very beneficial and needed by the consumer. Although we certainly appreciate the productivity of many of the hybrids available today, we feel it is important to return to those great breeds that once were America's favorites. These  heritage breeds were the foundation stock used in creating the commercial hybrids of today. A heritage chicken/ turkey breed must have been recognized by the mid 20th century by the APA. They must have longevity, breed naturally, and must be able to forage and thrive in a pasture ranged environment (live outside). The American Livestock Breed Conservancy has listed breeds that are critical, threatened, being watched, recovering, and new breeds being studied. 

Raising our poultry in a pastured/ranged environment has proven to have greater benefits than we had anticipated. The obvious was the egg flavor and color, aside from the obvious; we noticed many of our birds that are NOT known to be productive layers (generally laying 2-3 eggs per week) were laying 5 eggs a week. Over time we noticed many breeds listed as non-sitters/brooders were gathering leaves and pine needles and building nests in any well hidden area they could find, filing out of the woods weeks later with a new clutch. We believe the natural environment has brought out the incredible nature chickens/turkeys were given and has allowed excellent fertility, robust strong chicks, and naturally nurturing hens.

We run a very strict bio-secure farm environment, to ensure the overall health of our poultry. We are a closed flock that participates in the National Poultry Improvement Plan. Through the NPIP program our birds are tested yearly for Pullorum/ Typhoid and tested quarterly for Avian Influenza. We are very careful to prevent CRD’s (Chronic Respiratory Disease) in our flock. CRD’s are the largest and most common health issue in the poultry world. Our birds are wonderful producers of the most delicious eggs free of anti-biotics, hormones, or any medications.