Nubian & Miniature Nubian Bucks

Nubian Herdsire



Dob- 2/11/2016
S: CH Frog Flat Long Lanky Nathaniel
     LA-  FS91 (EEE )
D: Frog Flat B&T Creamy Ingles
     LA- FS90 (VEEE) 

Pedigree HERE

Through an incredible series of events we were directed to Olaf's breeder. Olaf's story was truly a miracle. This lovely buck was an answer to prayer. Although Olaf thinks he is a puppy and follows us everywhere he really is our future herdsire! His genetics and breeding we feel will compliment our beautiful doe Ruby! He was specifically acquired for Ruby our gorgeous Nubian doe. Olaf has great width, height, he is uphill and growing leaps and bounds. At 12 months was a whopping 144 lbs (scale weight). We are loving watching him mature. Plans for breeding are fall 2017.

 Pictured at 5 months (Above)

& 1 year (his birthday) 144#


Miniature Nubian Herdsires

-A Note About Our Miniatures- 

We believe building the strongest base foundation is key in breeding a miniature dairy goat. When starting with Miniatures it is imperative to  start with the best genetics possible and breed those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. It is far more than just throwing a dwarf over a standard. As with all our goats we are breeding for high quality, high production, and excellent confirmation. Our priority is NOT higher generation, ears, and noses. Our PRIORITY is udder, escutcheon, leg placement, teat placement, udder attachment, and the best dairy characteristics.  A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. In developing exceptional animals we believe in the whole package. There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. 1st and 2nd generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes great skill to improve.  A well bred mini from strong dairy genetics is easily capable of producing  7-8# per day (close to 1 gallon). We prefer and try to breed as close to the 50/50 mark as possible, keeping the miniature truly miniature!  We SELECTIVELY breed for mini's. Because of this we are not breeding but a select few each year. Showing our mini's is in the near future as well as milktest.


HHF LGS EH Jumpin Jack Flash MN05522

Purebred 6th generation 

registered MDGA

55/45 % (Nubian/Dwarf)


S: Green Gables Eclipse of the Heart *B

SS:VMCH Green Gables SS MoonBeam*b

SD: Green Gables B Pollyanna 3*P

D: Whispering Willow Ginger Roo

DS: Bluebird Ridge Jefferson

DD: Whispering Willow Willow

Pictured at 7 months  & 11 months

JJ was acquired exclusively for our 2 mini Nubian does Emerald and Sapphire. Emmmy & Saffy being f-1 generation 50/50 were so exquisite  and their genetics are so exceptional we felt a PB buck would be best for breeding. We are anticipating great offspring from these breedings.  Early 2017 breedings did not take and we are looking forward to Fall 2017 planning. JJ has a very nice topline, nice escutcheon, solid well placed legs, and a very handsome head. A VERY masculine buck! He has a wonderful disposition and is very loved! His best buddies are a Standard PB Nubian and a Standard PB Lamancha, the 3 are like the three amigos, playing, skipping, napping, and generally doing everything together!