Mini- Manchas

-A Note About Our Miniatures- 

We believe building the strongest base foundation is key in breeding a miniature dairy goat. When starting with Miniatures it is imperative to  start with the best genetics possible and breed those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. It is far more than just throwing a dwarf over a standard. As with all our goats we are breeding for high quality, high production, and excellent confirmation. Our priority is NOT higher generation, ears, and noses. Our PRIORITY is udder, escutcheon, leg placement, teat placement, udder attachment, and the best dairy characteristics.  A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. In developing exceptional animals we believe in the whole package. There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. 1st and 2nd generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes great skill to improve.  A well bred mini from strong dairy genetics is easily capable of producing  7-8# per day (close to 1 gallon). We prefer and try to breed as close to the 50/50 mark as possible, keeping the miniature truly miniature!  We SELECTIVELY breed for mini's. Because of this we are not breeding but a  few each year. Showing our mini's is in the near future as well as milktest.


F-1 Mini Mancha

Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO

 MDGA #XL03656

F-1  50/50

DOB- 3/1/16

S: Peachtree Farms Will (AGS) 

D: Worley Lane Zephyr (ADGA)

~Red Chamoise, elf ears, Blue eyes

We are very excited about Bingo! Her dam is an excellent producer with a beautiful udder and Bingo sure seems like she will follow her wonderful mom. Bingo grew so well she is the youngest doe we have ever bred. She was bred at 7 months and kidded as a FF on her first birthday! Looking forward to her 2F on her 2nd Birthday! :)  Beautiful head! This darling lapgoat is silly as the day is long! 


First Freshening udder  2 months fresh overnight fill

Freshened on 1st birthday!

Coming Soon- Lil' Princess!
f-2 50/50%


F-1 Mini Mancha  

Wingin' it Farms "Trouble"~

F-1 Grade Papers Pending

DOB- 6/24/13

S:  Peachtree Farms Will  (registered AGS)

D: Wingin' it Farms Millie  (NOA)

~ Chamoisee, elf ears, Blue eyes

2nd freshening udder

3rd freshening udder

3rd freshening udder

 Slightly larger than a large Nigerian but considerably smaller than a full size Lamancha with high dairy output from a small package . Trouble's lineage is hardy and parasite resistant, and an easy keeper. Excellent quality home milker . 

Lactation History-

18months / 80-90 lbs 24".  First Freshener she produced 5.5# per day with a peak of  6#  10 month lactation, solid.

 2 1/2 years 90 lbs 24 1/2"  2nd Freshening -  7.5#  Milked 10 months

3 1/2 years  90 lbs  24 1/2" 3rd freshening -  8# in lactation-


Princess is SOLD but pictured for Reference and her doeling (Lord willing) will be part of our herd in 2017!

F-1 Mini Mancha

Wings & Caprines SC Princess

F-1   registered with MDGA

DOB- 2/25/15

S: Forestframe Hunter (ADGA)

D: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars (ADGA)

~Chamoisee, Elf ears

all grown up

We had a buck year on our farm and Princess was our only Mini mancha doeling! She is actually sold but is listed as reference.

Well put together and a beautiful long dairy body and elegance of the Lamancha, Princess is sure to turn heads! Strong dairy lines we know Princess has produced well as a family dairy goat with her first freshening! One of our triplets we retained both her brothers for our program.  We had asked to buy Princess back, but the owner laughed and wouldn't part with their "milk machine"! We are awaiting to purchase a daughter from Princess. The new owner was kind enough to allow us to select the breeding buck and we eagerly anticipate her kidding in 2017!

All are SOLD Pictures for reference only

(Trouble's Triplets)

"Cupcake"~ doe

"Wren"~ doe

"Knuckles"~ buck

F-2 Mini-Manchas

F-2  50/50 %

DOB- 1/19/2016

S: Country Charm Farm Henry

D: Wings & Caprines Trouble

Can be registered Grade mini's 2nd generation

Trouble produced 3 very amazing kids!  The sire in to these 3 is our Mini Lamancha buck Henry, son of Lamancha Star. Their pedigrees can be seen on our site.

Both sides have very strong milk production and very strong dairy traits.

Although we are very happy for their new owners this is also one of those "I wish we would have kept them."

We chose to focus on the development of our Lamanchas and Dwarfs for 2016 and had retained so many that it was not possible to retain any more.

Cupcake- beautiful dairy length, width, and general appearance. This doe should be a very high producer!

Knuckles is a VERY nice buck and the production capabilities from  both his dam and sires side should bring a great deal to his future offspring.

Wren was the heart of one of the children, she was sold along with her sister. Like her sister, she should take after her dam and grand-dam as far as production. 


"Double Trouble"
F-1 Mini Mancha 

Wingin' it Farms "Double Trouble"-

F-1 Mini unregistered

DOB- 4/17/2014

S: Forestframe Hunter (ADGA)

D: Wingin' it Farms Millie  (unregistered)

~Chamoisee, elf ears, brown eyes
Double with her  twin brother.