~Lamancha & Miniature Lamancha Bucks~

Lamancha  Current Herdsire


MLRT TAIPAN - L001769362
Registered ADGA

DOB 3/6/2016
S: CH Mint*Leaf Brigadier
SS: Mint*Leaf Aries
SD: Mint*Leaf Sunflower
D: Tempo Kim 10*M
DS: SG Tempo Liggety +*B
DD: SGCH Tempo Evinna 9*M LA 93 EEEE

~Chamoisee w/white

Pedigree HERE

Above 6 months

Below and right  14 months

We are so pleased to have Tia join our herd! Very exciting genetics behind this boy, combining Mint*Leaf genetics with the Tempo line. Tiapan's Dam, Tempo Kim, comes from a very long line of very successful Lamanchas. Tempo Kim was an ADGA spotlight sale doe as well.  Tai is maturing nicely showing great length of body, height, beautiful feet and legs and is generally a very well put together buck. Tai is slow growing much like his sire CH Mint*Leaf Brigadier.  2017 Tai sired 4 does and 2 bucks, we look forward to seeing them develop and mature.

Future Herdsires




DOB- 3/2/17

S: MLRT Taipan

SS: CH Mint*Leaf Brigadier

SD:Tempo Kim 10*M

D: Worley Lane Zephyr

DS:  Beeson's Pet Percival

DD:  Beeson's Itsy Bitsy Pop

~Broken Buckskin w/ moonspots

Pedigree HERE

Pictured at 3 months


Kenji has been tentatively retained as we watch how he matures. Meanwhile he is another spoiled boy on the farm! 


Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy

registration application submitted- ADGA

DOB- 4/20/17

S: Kopy Kat Mountain Mans Legacy

D: Welshans Acres Spur Janelle

DS: Kastdemurs Tach Spuralach

DD: GCH Dalton's Way W Jewel *M

Pedigree HERE

5 months

Charlie has joined our herd and we look forward to see how he develops. For now, he just gets to be a playful kid goat!

Candlelight Black Tie Affair (pending)  

S: Dalton's Way MC Pay Day 
     LA at 1yr 88 VVE
SS:Lucky*Star's  RA Mad Cap
SD: GCH Dalton's Way TN Snickers
       LA  91  EEEE

D: Candlelight Justalil Georgio
    LA 91 EEEE
DS:  Dalton's Way TM Justin Time
    LA 92 EEE
DD: SG Candlelight RRK  Lilian 
    LA 90 VEEE

Lamancha Reference  (Past Herdsire)



Registered ADGA

DOB 2/28/13

S:Little Orchard TG Bon Jovi *B

SS: South- Fork JS True Grit *B

SD: SGCH Little Orchard BR Joyful Song 10*  LA 92

D:Little Orchard KS Juno

DS:Kastdemur's Smooth Sensation *B

DD:Little Orchard C Jade

Pedigree HERE

~Sable Black, disbudded, Gopher Ears

We welcomed Chance to our farm March 2015.  Excellent dairy lines with Superior Genetics this handsome big boy weighed in at 225 lbs at <3 years of age. Chance sired some beautiful does for us in 2016. Two of his daughters placed 1st, 2nd, Grand and Reserve at 2016 NC State Fair.  We are thankful to have retained his daughters.

*Chances sire has earned 2 legs toward his permanent championship


Mini Lamancha Current Bucks

-A Note About Our Miniatures- 

We believe building the strongest base foundation is key in breeding a miniature dairy goat. When starting with Miniatures it is imperative to  start with the best genetics possible and breed those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. It is far more than just throwing a dwarf over a standard. As with all our goats we are breeding for high quality, high production, and excellent confirmation. Our priority is NOT higher generation, ears, and noses. Our PRIORITY is udder, escutcheon, leg placement, teat placement, udder attachment, and the best dairy characteristics.  A solid miniature breeding program takes years to develop. In developing exceptional animals we believe in the whole package. There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. 1st and 2nd generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes great skill to improve.  A well bred mini from strong dairy genetics is easily capable of producing  7-8# per day (close to 1 gallon). We prefer and try to breed as close to the 50/50 mark as possible, keeping the miniature truly miniature!  We SELECTIVELY breed for mini's. Because of this we are not breeding but a  few each year. Showing our mini's is in the near future as well as milktest.


Wings & Caprines  Chami

Registered MDGA  # XL03654P

DOB 2/25/2015

Generation- F-1
Percentage- 50/50
Ears- Elf
Eyes- Brown

S: ForestFrame Hunter 

D:  Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars


Pedigrees on our site for Sire/Dam

Chami was retained to use in our breeding program. One of triplets from our beloved Star he brings a great deal of those incredible genetics to our program. Long in body, very dairy, excellent escutcheon, wide rear, excellent leg placement and very small elf ears Chami is an incredible f-1 buck!  We are excited to see his offspring spring 2017! Chami is also polled!


Wings & Caprines Gordy 
Registered MDGA  # XL03655P

DOB  2/25/2015
Generation- F-1
Percentage- 50/50
Ears- Elf
Eyes- Brown

S: ForestFrame Hunter 
D:  Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars


Pedigrees of sire and dam can be found on our site

Gordy is brother to Chami (above). He mirrors his brother in every way with a little more height!  An incredibly correct buck and an exceptional first generation mini mancha. 

Bred for Spring 2017 kids! Gordy is polled like his brother and just as sweet and  loving. 


Country Charm Henry - XL02640

Registered MDGA


Percentage- 50/50

Ears- Elf

Eyes- Brown

S: Tranquility Acres RB Casy

D: Candlelight Sun Moon & Stars

~Chamoise w/white belt & poll

Pedigree HERE

A handsome well put together buck with impeccable dairy lines, Henry certainly has the genetics desirable for breeding the mini's.

Very solid buck, great topline, very very nice chest width, excellent rear and rump, perfect legs. Very masculine buck with a wonderful disposition. A gentleman to the ladies!



MDGA pending

DOB- 3/1/17


Percentage- 50/50


Eyes- BLUE

S: Wings & Caprines HS Chami

D:  Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO

~ Tan, red, white

4 weeks

Mini Lamancha Reference


Country Charm Percy

MDGA registered

S: Country Charm Farm Joshua 

D: Candlelight JRMY Mairah

~Chamoise, disbudded, elf ears

Pedigree HERE